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Frederik Pohl (1919-2013)

All of us at Gollancz and SF Gateway are saddened to learn of the death yesterday of Frederik Pohl: author, editor, literary agent and fan. Pohl was a member of the influential SF group The Futurians, along with such major SF figures as Isaac Asimov, James Blish, Damon Knight, C.M. Kornbluth, Judith Merril and Donald […]

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Remembering J.R.R. Tolkien 40 Years On

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien died forty years ago today, at the age of eighty-one.  Philologist, scholar of Anglo-Saxon, Merton Professor of English at Oxford University and almost certainly the single most important fantasy writer of all time. It has become fashionable of late – almost de rigueur in some circles – to belittle Tolkien. He […]

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JACK VANCE: an Appreciation by Robert Silverberg

Jack Vance began to make his mark in science fiction in 1950 and 1951, when I was a highly impressionable teenager gobbling up every issue of every s-f magazine as fast as I could find them on the newsstands – Astounding Science Fiction, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Startling Stories, Marvel Science Stories, and others of equally […]

Blast from the Past: Paul McAuley’s FAIRYLAND

As today is a bank holiday in the UK, we thought we’d take it easy ourselves and re-present, for your reading pleasure and erudition, a blog post from the dim and distant past of . . . er . . . 2011.  Enter the time machine – IF YOU DARE! [2011], in addition to marking […]

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Readers’ Choice: The Journal of Nicholas the American

Back in March, when the year was young and the trees still bereft of leaves, we hosted a review of Josephine Saxton‘s Vector for Seven, the Readers’ Choice selection of Kev McVeigh, friend of this parish and well known to the SF Community at large.  The selection and the blog post went down a treat […]

More Moorcock

We apologised a little while ago, for the delay in bringing you the eBook editions of our fantastic definitive versions of the works of Michael Moorcock. We apologised for the delay, of course, but not for the extra care we’re taking to make sure we have the best possible eBooks available. A lot of work […]

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Happy Birthday, Greg Bear!

Multiple Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Greg Bear turns 62 today. The author of such seminal Big Dumb Object novels as The Forge of God and Eon, bio-thriller Blood Music, claustrophobic space adventure Hull Zero Three and Stapledonian epic The City at the End of Time was born on this day in 1951. Bear has […]

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Algis Budrys’s BENCHMARKS

Over at the website of the Zeno Agency (home to such Gateway stalwarts as Tim Powers and James P. Blaylock, as well as Gollancz favourites Ben Aaronovitch, Maggie Furey, Charlaine Harris, Ian McDonald, John Meaney, Justina Robson and Brandon Sanderson), there’s an interesting article on Algis Budrys. Although best known for his science fiction (particularly […]

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H.G. Wells: Timeless Genius

Thanks to the time-travelling wonder of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction‘s miraculous On This Day function (much praised in these parts on many an occasion), we can see that the father of Science Fiction, the great Herbert George Wells, died on this day in 1946. We are delighted to publish a number of his fine […]

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SF Gateway Acquires the First & Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant!

Did we brand SF Gateway as ‘Your portal to the classics of SF and Fantasy’? Yes. Yes, we did. Have we claimed in our advertising that SF Gateway is ‘bringing the classics to the future’? Yes. Yes, we have. Can we back up these outrageous claims? You be the judge . . .   PRESS […]

SF Gateway Author of the Month: Jack Vance

August’s Author of the Month is the recently departed Jack Vance. Winner of three Hugos, a Nebula and a World Fantasy Award, he was given the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 1984, named a SFWA Grand Master in 1997 and inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2001. Trying to list […]

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Something in the Water Redux

Today is the birthday or two writers very close to Gateway’s heart: the one who is, sadly, no longer with us is with us, and the one who isn’t with us, we’re pleased to say, is still very much with us. Or, to be slightly less cryptic . . . Happy Birthday to Ken MacLeod: […]

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