Our Authors
Amanda Downum

Amanda was born in Virginia and, after travelling widely, she was sucked into the gravity well of Texas and hasn't managed to escape. Yet. She has a BA in English Literature, and is now a bookstore minion while writing and beast-herding her many animals full time. She lives near Austin.
Gardner Dozois

Gardner Dozois edited Asimov's Science Fictionmagazine for twenty years. He has won the Hugo Award for Best Editor fifteen times and has also received numerous Nebula Awards. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Lord Dunsany

Part of the Fantasy Masterworks series ¿[Dunsany is] one of the greatest writers of [the] century . . . Immensely significant¿ Katharine Kerr ¿A fantasy novel in a class with the Tolkien books¿ L. Sprague de Camp ¿Lord Dunsany . . . showed us all the way¿ Ellen Kushner ¿Lord Dunsany¿s words . . . opened my eyes to otherworldly beauty and enchantment¿ Esther M. Friesner ¿All pure ore¿ Ursula K. Le Guin ¿One of the the seminal fantasies of the century¿ John Clute