Information for Agents

    Information for Agents

    • Hachette UK is the UK’s leading publishing group, incorporating the following market-leading publishing companies:

      Hachette Children’s Books

      Headline Publishing Group

      Hodder & Stoughton

      Hodder Education

      Little, Brown Book Group

      Octopus Publishing Group

      Orion Publishing Group

      Quercus Books

      Our publishing companies operate largely autonomously with certain functions – IT, HR, finance, communications, top-level consumer insight and digital support – provided at group level.  This enables us to be both big and small: our publishers maintain their own very strong identities with dedicated editorial, sales, marketing, consumer insight and production teams supported – and given additional muscle where required - by the group.

      Our overseas companies in Australia, New Zealand, India and Ireland and our sales offices in Hong Kong, Canada and the Middle East give us a very strong presence in export markets

      Our parent company, Hachette Livre, is the world's second largest trade and educational publisher, bringing our imprints significant marketplace leverage.  The Hachette imprints offer unique publishing skills in local markets the world over, with a special focus in author care, marketing support, creative campaigns, and digital innovation.  

      There are many benefits to working with Hachette imprints globally. Our strength in all markets, combined with years of close collaboration, means that we are uniquely positioned to create and deliver successful, long term global publishing programmes for our authors.  We can respond swiftly to proposals and communicate with one voice where appropriate.

      Excellent communication is central to how we publish.  The US and UK editorial, marketing, and design teams meet regularly and work closely together to launch the author’s work globally with the greatest possible impact and commercial success. We have excellent working relationships with our Hachette sister companies ensuring that we collaborate effectively the world over.

      Our years of close collaboration go back to Little, Brown US and UK publishing Nelson Mandela's memoir A LONG WALK TO FREEDOM together in 1994 (check) and have helped Hachette divisions achieve unique international successes like Stephenie Meyer’s TWILIGHT saga, Keith Richards’ LIFE, Kevin Powers’ THE YELLOW BIRDS and JK Rowling’s THE CASUAL VACANCY.  Those experiences have sharpened our collaborative skills, and allow authors such benefits as:

      • the best editorial advice in the business rolled up into a single, centralized editorial communication.

      • constant exchange of information about activities in all markets, giving the author a comprehensive picture of their publishing program.

      • sharing of consumer insight and data underpinning marketing approaches, and regular, detailed exchanges about marketing campaigns for books published by the group.

      • collaborative marketing that includes sharing of best materials, streamlined communication and heightened author involvement leading to a coherent global campaign

      • a single worldwide cover image, when appropriate, that sharpens and amplifies all communications about the book worldwide

      • simultaneous publication and synchronisation of a book’s launch around the world

      • a single sales force selling the book in each market worldwide, achieving greater marketing support, and greater sales impact

      Hachette offers a powerful global publishing partnership that is enormously beneficial to our authors – our imprints in the US and UK are industry leaders, trend setters, and award winners, and have won the wide respect of booksellers, media, and other influencers.