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John Murray

The UK's oldest publishing house


Since its foundation in 1768, the publishing house of John Murray has innovated, fostered genius, and at all times been unashamedly populist.

From selling volumes of Byron to massed crowds from the window of the old Albemarle Street offices to making John Betjeman the nation’s favourite poet, John Murray has always published great writing for a wide audience of readers. From the invention of the travel guidebook and the self-help book, to the very first TV tie-in, innovation and flair have been central to the Murray approach. From On The Origin of Species to A Million Little Pieces, controversy, dissent and debate have been encouraged and fostered.
With the muscle of the Hachette Group now behind them, John Murray books are sold all over the globe, in ever increasing numbers.
In the best Murray tradition, our current publishing represents quality and populism. Exciting fiction, absorbing memoir, authoritative history, provocative current affairs and unique gift and humour books all flourish on the John Murray list.

Through only publishing around fifty new titles a year, John Murray ensures each book has the full attention of its dedicated key accounts sales, marketing, publicity and design team, as well as the highest standards of editing, enabling them to maximise the potential of every title.

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