Inside Story

Inside Story

Insight into publishing

Since 2014 Hachette UK have run biannual "Insight into Publishing" events. Across the first 5 events we have hosted 240 attendees from a wide range of universities and degree subjects, with the aim of introducing our industry to students who would not normally consider publishing as a career.

In 2016 we relaunched and rebranded our event. Inside Story is now an an immersive and interactive experience where 60 attendees will get the opportunity to "create" a book throughout the day, and pitch it at the end!

Inside Story will take place on 8th November 2017. For your chance to attend, applications open at 9.30 am on Wednesday 13th September 2017 and will close at midnight on Wednesday 11th October 2017.

Applications are being accepted through the Inside Story website.

Keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more details.