Career Development

Career Development

Hachette UK

Our staff are key to our success. We are committed to ensuring that everyone receives the best available development opportunities which may include training courses, seminars, mentoring, coaching, online learning, webinar or maybe just a humble – but relevant - reference book.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality training and offering a wide range of opportunities using internal and external experts

Some examples of the training we offer:

-       Google Analytics 

-       InDesign CS6

-       Proofreading

-       Copywriting

-       Author Care

-       ePub skills

-       Situational Leadership

-       Manager as Coach

-       Presentation Skills

-       Negotiation Skills

-       Pensions: everything you should know but were afraid to ask

In addition to formal workshops we have an established company mentoring scheme allowing internal experts to share their knowledge and expertise with junior members of staff. So far 150 members of our staff have been involved and the scheme is flourishing, allowing us to develop new roles, promote internally and increase the confidence and knowledge of all involved.

Your development plan will start on your first day working for Hachette, with your invitation to a number of welcome events including:

  • - Company Orientation: a short induction session giving more information on the Hachette UK Group and how we work together
  • - A welcome lunch hosted by the Group Digital and Consumer Insight teams
  • - Legal induction
  • - Warehouse distribution tour and welcome: a visit to one of our large distribution centres to discover more about how our books end up on the shelves in store.
  • - A thorough induction on all our various systems including Bibio3 and Cognos


Every staff member has a personalised development plan relevant to their role and aligned to their career aspirations.  Each year, as part of the company performance review process, every member of staff agrees their development plan with their line manager. This plan will cover short and long term career goals and future progression.

If you manage people, you will have access to a large menu of management opportunities. We recently launched a management programme for new and junior managers and autumn 2014 will see the fifth cohort of managers start the highly successful 8-month programme. Senior managers and leaders are offered executive coaching and leadership support, depending on their specific needs.